About Us

What we are all about

We are a full service bakery located at Central Parkway East and Eglinton, near Square One Shopping Mall.  We have been here since the 1980’s, but recently we have invigorated new life into Iana Bakery, turning it into a sleek and chic modern bakery.

We offer everything you would expect from a bakery.  For starters, we have a variety of freshly baked breads, croissants, danishes, coffee, and a delicious hot table.  But what we truly excel in is cakes, cookies and pastries.

Whether you are looking for your dream wedding cake or a custom cake creation, cakes or cookies for an upcoming birthday party, or just a few pastries for an after dinner dessert, we are the place to go.  Our dedicated bakers and cake designers are truly one of a kind, and using old family recipes, some over 100 years old, we create some of the finest cakes, pastries, and cookies you can find today.

Here at Iana, we strive to satisfy every customer and we pour our hearts and souls into everything we do.

So come check us out and see for yourself!