Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes Are All The Rage! Get An Awesome One From Us!

Baby Shower Cakes

Lately, we have noticed baby shower cakes becoming more and more elaborate.  In recent times, we have been receiving orders for baby shower cakes more reminiscent of wedding cakes!  No matter what type of cake you need, we can make it for you.  Whether you are looking for a multi-tier center piece or a nice simple cake, our guarantee is that our baby shower cakes will both look and taste terrific.

Just like our other cakes, baby shower cakes are available, for the most part, in all of our regular flavors and most of our premium flavors.

Also remember that if you don’t see the cake you like on our website, we do quote off of other photos that you send us and we do have more cakes in our in-store album.  The important thing to do is ask yourself what you are looking for in your baby shower cake.  Baby shower cakes come in all shapes and sizes, and often times, mothers to be come in to order their own cakes and they tell me how much they have been stressing over their cake.  First off, baby shower cakes are the last thing you should be stressing about!  Secondly, tell us what you want and we can make it happen.  Know that just because it’s not an expensive cake, doesn’t mean it can’t look nice and taste great.  If on the other hand you are looking for that masterpiece to top off your fantastic party, we can do that too.  Just keep in mind.  We like to keep the cake ordering process as stress free as possible.  So have in mind the flavor you would like, the design you are interested in, and the budget you have set for yourself.  And if you find it difficult to either find time to visit us or have a hard time making it down to the bakery yourself, we can do the whole cake ordering process, from design to payment (everything except pickup) over e-mail or telephone.

Also remember that just like with any custom cakes, our baby shower cakes need as much notice as possible to ensure your design is possible.  So if you are looking for baby shower cakes, don’t delay or you may miss out!