Cookies Are What We Are Best At! It Would Be Very Hard To Find Anyone In Toronto Or The Surrounding Area That Makes Better Cookies


We always have at least 20 different types of cookies to choose from.  Our cookies fall across a broad range of different styles and flavours.  From shortbread to chocolate chunk to custom wedding cookies, we do it all.  Every one of our cookies is hand made and hand decorated by one of the bakery owners following a very strict family recipe.  None of our cookies are machine pressed or factory manufactured.  We always tell people that come into the cake shop that we do many things very well.  We do terrific wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and kids birthday cakes.  But what we are best at is our cookies.  We have no competitors when it comes to cookies.  Below are some of the different types that we do:

Shortbread Cookies

This is one of our most popular choices.  We use only the finest ingredients, so rest assured that we put no shortening in these cookies because we use only the highest quality butter.  The recipe is an old family recipe and we are sure you will agree it is one of the best “shortbread” cookies you will ever eat.  We have many different variations and many feature fillings from raspberry and apricot to chocolate and coconut.  Come by and try them today!

Nut Cookies

These are also a source of pride for us.  Many of our cookies feature nuts in them.  Some are made exclusively from nuts, like our walnut shaped cookie made from walnuts!  One of our most popular options.  Some of our nut cookies are also gluten free.  Be sure to ask us about that option.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas is the time for cookies.  It is during this time that we really go crazy.  So many different shapes, sizes, flavours and looks.  These make the perfect gift, both for your family as well as for your business associates.  We offer many different gift boxes and baskets.  Drop by during the season to see what we have!

Many More!

To write up all the different types of cookies we have would fill up several pages!  So we will just say that our display case is always full and always evolving with new and exciting types of cookies.  Drop by and give us a try today!