Fondant Care Procedure

1. Just like all cakes and pastries, fondant cakes MUST be kept in the fridge.  Fondant cakes can only survive outside of the fridge for short periods of time (several hours in a cool room with controlled humidity).  So while it is okay to DISPLAY the cake outside of the fridge, it is not okay to STORE the cake outside of the fridge (for example, if you pick up the cake at noon but it will be eaten at 8PM, it needs to go into the fridge).

2. When the cake is put in the fridge, it must be covered in a plastic bag.  The cake cannot be exposed to humidity or it can be ruined (bag is provided).

3. Fondant cakes are very delicate.  If they are exposed to humidity past 45-50% or heat above 25 degrees Celsius, damage can occur.  Definitely keep the cake out of direct sunlight.  Displaying it in an air conditioned room with humidity below 50% is not a problem (most restaurants and banquet halls qualify)

4. Fondant cakes should be ordered for the day they are to be eaten.  They should not be picked up the day before.  There are too many different storage variables to be able to guarantee the cake will survive the night if it is picked up early.