Kids Birthday Cakes: Fondant

Don't Trust Your Kids Birthday Cake To Just Anyone! We Do Hundreds Of Kids Birthday Cakes Each Month

Kids Birthday Cake: Fondant

Looking for party ideas for kids?  We suggest you start by looking at some of our kids birthday cake designs.  Often times, the birthday cake is the central piece to the entire party.  So make sure you make the right choice when deciding which bakery to go with for your kids birthday cake.  At Iana bakery, we have a long history of making kids birthday cakes and we strive to put a smile on every kids face when they see their cake.

Kids birthday cakes vary greatly from one to the next.  They can be very simple and economical and some can be very intricate, looking more like a wedding cake than a kids birthday cake.  Whatever you need, we can do it for you.  Just send us an e-mail or give us a call and let us know what you want your cake to be.

A very popular option for kids birthday cakes is the use of an edible image.  Edible images are very neat.  What we can do is take any picture that you send us and, using edible ink, we can print that picture on an edible frosting sheet that we then transfer to the cake.  This gives you a photo quality picture on the cake that is fully edible.  A great option if you want a very customized look for a very economical price.

As with all of our other cakes, if you don’t see the kids birthday cake that you like, don’t panic.  We have many more options in our in store catalogs.  We also can work off of any pictures you find online, in magazines, or we can even design a cake around any rough sketches that you have drawn out yourself.  So contact us today by either calling us at 905-890-3860, e-mailing us at, or contact us through our websites CONTACT US PAGE.