Amazing Pastries From One Of The Best Bakeries In Mississauga And The Surrounding Areas


Pastries are one of our specialties at Iana Bakery.  Whether the pastries you are looking for our authentic Italian Cannolis filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips or you are looking for that perfect mini Red Velvet cakes, we have what you are looking for.  We offer over a dozen different types and styles ranging from Italian pastries to French pastries to pastries from all over Europe and America, including authentic Cheese Cakes.  We even have such hard to find specialties as sour cherry Zeppole!  A few of our pastry recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and are a closely guarded secrete.  They have come to be know as some of the best quality examples of their kind in the city.  Be sure to try out our “Best in the City” Tiramisu Mini Cakes and Rum Balls.

Our Pastries

All made fresh daily and available from our pastry display case.  Our offering includes:

  •         Black Forest Mini Cake Pastries
  •         Red Velvet Mini Cake Pastries
  •         Tiramisu Mini Cake Pastries
  •         Vanilla Cream Horns
  •         Chocolate Cream Horns
  •         Ricotta Cannolis
  •         Vanilla Cannolis
  •         Chocolate Cannolis
  •         Chocolate & Vanilla Cannolis
  •         Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  •         Mini Chocolate Cheesecake Pastries
  •         Mini Fruit Cheesecake Pastries
  •         Zeppole
  •         Petit Fours
  •         Chocolate Rum Balls
  •         Coconut Rum Balls
  •         Fruit Custard Tarts
  •         Lemon Tarts
  •         Eclairs
  •         Rum Babas

Sweet Tables

It is often a funny coincidence when customer come to order their wedding cakes from us and they find out that they are already our customers!  At least indirectly.  You see, we provide pastry sweet table services to many different banquet halls, restaurants, and even some bakeries around the city and often times the venue you are booked at will have our pastries on their sweet table already!  So whether your sweet table is provided by the venue or you are providing your own, rest assured that Iana Bakery has many different options available and we would be more then happy to take care of all your pastry needs.  Contact us today!