Cake pricing in the baking business is something that is incredibly hard to do accurately when dealing in “general terms”.  What we mean by that is because there are so many customizable options for everything we do, it is impossible to post a single price that applies to all.  So there is no way we can say a wedding cake for 100 people will cost this much, every time, no matter what.  There are just too many variations.  So what we have decided to do is post STARTING PRICES for many of our items.  This is to give you some idea of what to expect in regards to cake prices.  Please remember, these prices are the starting prices and they do change based on size, flavor, and design. Also please be aware that we use the Wilton standard cutting guide as a model for the number of slices a cake serves.

Wedding Cake & Specialty Cake Pricing

Starting At

2-Tier Cake Prices for 60 slices – Starting at $160
2-Tier Cake Prices for 100 slices – Starting at $200
3-Tier Cake Prices for 100 slices – Starting at $300
3-Tier Cake Prices for 150 slices – Starting at $400
4-Tier Cake Prices for 200 slices – Starting at $600

Non-Wedding Cake Pricing

Starting At
Small round 8-inch cake (6-8 people) – Starting at $23
Medium round 9-inch cake (10-12 people) – Starting at $28
Large round 10-inch cake (14-18 people) – Starting at $34
1/3 slab (20-25 people) – Starting at $45
1/2 slab (30-35 people) – Starting at $55
Square slab (40-45 people) – Starting at $70
3/4 slab (50-60 people) – Starting at $85
Full slab (70-85 people) – Starting at $105
X-Full slab (90-110 people) – Starting at $125

Pastries & Cookies

Medium Pastries: $1.50 Each (Includes Chocolate Cannolis, Vanilla Cannolis, Ricotta Cannolis, Rum Baba’s, Coconut Run Balls, Chocolate Rum Balls, Éclairs, Cream Sables, etc)

Large Pastries: $2.00 Each (Includes Tiramisu slices and Black Forrest slices)

Regular Flavor Cupcakes: $2.00 Each

Premium Flavor Cupcakes: $2.50 Each

Zeppoli: $2.50 Each

Cheesecake Slices: $3.00 Each (Includes Chocolate Marble Cheesecake as well as Fruit Cheesecake)

Premium Cookies $28 per KG


Bring us a competitors WRITTEN quote and we will try to beat it!  We cannot guarantee that we will beat it every time, but give us a chance to earn your business.